• Initial Consultation with Facial - $90
  • European Facials - $75
  • Anti Aging Facial From $80
  • Acne Facial $90
  • Facial with Hot stones- $95
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion with facial serum and treatment mask $125
  • Extractions with treatment $15


  • Glycolic Acid 90-110 (helps with dry skin, fine lines and hyper-pigmentation)
  • Salicylic Acid $90-110 (oily skin)
  • Trichloracetic Acid (TCA) $100-150 (Normal to Dry Skin) Helps with pigmentation due to acne scaring, will soften fine lines and helps with UV damage 
  • Jessner's $120-$170 (oil and damage skin) Deep peel helps with fine lines and sun damage

Sea Alginate and Collagen Facial Treatments

Added Facial Serums included with masks  

  • Vitamin C Mask - Normal/Mature skin
  • Extreme Hydration Mask (Sensitive/Dehydrated) Prevents blood vessel fragility by strengthening the capillaries, calms flush/Irritated skin, stimulates blood circulation and smoothes wrinkles and tighten skin and prevents skin from premature aging. 
  • Dead Sea Mask (Acute Acne/ Acne with hyper-pigmentation

High quality skin care products 

Milagro for beautiful skin, the finest, non-toxic and purely active cutting edge nutrients which are synergistically combined to achieve the most rapid and effective anti-aging skin care. 

Milagro products are topically applied nutrients that builds collagen and elastin, provide, essential and powerful antioxidant, vitamins, minerals and enzymes and contains extreme hydrating, skin softening and exfoliating compounds. 

The anti-aging essential nutrients are enclosed in non-toxic vehicles to carry protective, oxygenating, regenerating, rejuvenating and repairing nutrients for nourishing and balancing the skin metabolism. 

These nutrients encourage skin cell circulation and reproduction and product real, cumulative, beneficial, long lasting and visible results. 

Milagro is free of all toxic carcinogens, paragons, preservative, dye, fillers, fragrances and chemicals found in most cosmetics and is never tested on animals. 

Eye Brow Threading, Waxing and Shaping

  • Eye Brow Threading and Shaping $18
  • Face Threading $30
  • Eye Lash Tint $25
  • Shaping Eyebrow Wax $18
  • Lip Wax- $10
  • Men's Back Wax from $65


  • Makeup for special occasions from $75
  • AirBrush Makeup - $90
  • Eyelash application with makeup -$25 Does not include lashes. Must bring your own lashes or purchase from Salon
  • Makeup Lesson $55

Prices are subject to change without notice

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